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Corporate Video

The story of Surati.

Traditional Tastes: Bakery

Surati presents our collection of delicious and inspired baked goods. From cookies, tea biscuits, and cakes, we have a treat made just for you.

Traditional Tastes: Snacks

Have a craving or on the go? With over 400 products, Surati has just the snack you need.

Traditional Tastes: Tea

Surati’s tea is made from high quality ingredients selected by tea masters from India. Try the special blend Assam tea today.

Bizarre Foods with Andrew Zimmern

Surati had the pleasure of hosting Andrew Zimmern from Bizarre Foods America. The hit show on the Travel Channel got a behind the scenes look of how Surati makes many of our products.

Jalebi on Food Factory

The ins and outs of making Surati’s famous jalebi.

Surati Street Eats

Breaking down Surati’s snacks, sweets, and savouries.